Amor Fati

On June 2012,  the artist Martin DeLaCruz hosted his last art show at the Hoboken Film Factory Studios before his fight against cancer. His body of work illustrates the dissonance between acceptance and submission, faith and fate. A multi-media exhibition of the artist's journey from realization to acceptance through pain, loss, and fateful wisdom. Exploring the emotion, confrontation, and submission connected to involuntary physical transformation, Amor Fati unfolds in the beautiful decay of a reclaimed industrial space, utilizing fine art media along with lighting, moving images, and a live cinematic soundscape to immerse the audience in this visceral semi-narrative tale of feeling, knowledge, and the ultimate hope that comes when we let go.

Planned, curated, installed and executed "Amor Fati" The Art Show in collaboration with the artist and the studio space. This audio-visual was commission by the Artist and produced utilizing medical imagery taken during his medical exams.